Churn Valley Kickboxing club

The kickboxing club meets every Monday at Daglingworth Village Hall. We are a friendly bunch and the club is a mix of ages and experience. At our Monday sessions we welcome all individuals form 14 years old to those who are still young at heart. An active lifestyle is important for all ages, for both physical & mental wellbeing.

Newcomers are always welcome! First session is completely free and then you can either pay as you go, or pay monthly and benefit from a reduced session fee! 

Some of the benefits of the kickboxing classes are:

  • Increase fitness and strength
  • Increase co-ordination and balance
  • Reduce stress
  • Build greater flexibility and mobility
  • Learn new skills, that may one day help to protect you
  • Make new friends
  • Increase confidence
  • and more!


Book on to our classes by downloading the BookFit app, from the app, or google stores, create your account, seacrch for CMAF Club, under local companies and then you can access the timetable and book on. Spaces are limited  - Due to Covid and Lockdown 2, all classes are currently online clases via zoom. You can still book on using the app though! However, you will also need Zoom installed

Training costs:

  • Annual student to student insurance & membership to our national supporting body, the Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA) £7.00 p.a.
  • Pay as you go rate £5.00 per session,
  • Pay monthly £16.00 per month (equates to £4.00 per session)
  • Optional grading fees - varies depending on grade being undertaken, but range from £15 (white) to £55 (black belt)


Club gradings are held quarterly and are typically the last Monday in the months of: March, June, September & December. If you wish to grade, as per the Kickboxing syllabus, then you will be advised when I feel you are at the required level to grade for your next belt. copies of the full syllabus are available to purchase for a cost of £6.00. Within the syllabus you will find details on the requirements for each belt, the details on the blocks & counters, control restraint techniques and other useful training information.

Other costs:

The only other costs are for any clothing and equipement, such as boxing gloves and pads, or if you wnat to buy our club t-shirts etc. You can buy gloves elesewhere or I can get these from our suppliers at a discounted rate.

CMAA Safeguarding Code
Safeguarding the young and vulnerable

CVKB Established 2010

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